Alan Pettigrew

Board of Directors - Member

Alan is a member of Rivermont Evangelical Presbyterian Church where he currently serves on the Diaconate and on the Men’s fellowship Committee. At his former Church home, he served as Chair of the Diaconate, Chair of the Stewardship Committee, member of the National & World Missions Committee and the Ushering Committee.

He enjoys serving our LORD in many ways and especially enjoyed going on 4 short term mission trips to the rural regions of Malawi in Africa. As he approaches retirement, he is looking forward to volunteering more of his time and talents in service to Him.

His background has been in the business world for over four decades, during which time he has owned and operated several companies. He is an entrepreneur at heart, having started and grown several successful companies. Alan also serves as a founding Director of Select Bank, a local community institution.

He has been married to Ann Kendall (Reams) since 1977 and they have 3 adult children and 1 biracial granddaughter.

With the birth of his granddaughter 16 years ago, the LORD began to soften his heart to the racial challenges that our country and world are facing, Now, to him, it is not black, white, brown, red or blue; it is that we are all children in the eyes of God. We must live as brothers and sisters in Christ without respect to color, nationality or background.

Alan is excited to serve on the No Walls team and is hopeful that this ministry will be able to promote unity in our churches, our community and beyond.