Trial By Fire

Growing up in privilege often means taking things for granted, like owning a car. That’s not the case for the underprivileged. I see that first-hand every time I hand someone the keys to a donated car. They are so grateful. Why? Because these cars are often the difference between getting out of poverty
and staying in it.
— Brett Eubank, No Walls Board Member

Kimberly would tell you that she has a blessed life, though her life has been far from easy. Growing up in the Bronx to a loving family gave her a wonderful foundation. Her father, who died when she was nine years old, imparted wisdom, compassion, and a strong work ethic that would shape her adult life.

After the birth of her daughter, she made the decision to move to Lynchburg. It wasn’t an easy decision, but it was the right decision. It wasn’t long until the relationship with her daughter’s father ended, and she was faced with a decision. Move back to the Bronx and be close to family, or remain here.


After much thought and prayer, she decided to remain in Lynchburg. Though her educational background was in Communications, as a graduate from the College of New Rochelle in New York City, her desire was to help people by providing personal care assistance. completed training as a Personal Care Assistant through Generation Solutions and as a Nurse’s Aid through Centra Health. She was ready to go, but there was one thing missing.

Because Kimberly grew up in the Bronx, she had always used New York City’s mass transportation system. That meant she had never gotten her driver’s license, which also meant she had never driven or owned a car.

She sought and In order for her to have the opportunity to succeed as a personal care assistant, she would need a car.

That’s what led her to one of our No Walls Ministry partner churches, Rivermont Evangelical Presbyterian Church (REPC). She met with Brett Eubank, who is the Pastor for Community and Outreach at REPC. As they talked, she shared her desire to help people as a personal care assistant as well as her need for a car. She explained that the car wasn’t just about getting to potential clients, but about experiencing freedom.


In God’s providence, a member of REPC, had previously donated a late model, low mileage SUV to No Walls a week before. It was the perfect vehicle for what she wanted to do, and it was her favorite!! No Walls paid for her to take driving lessons. It wasn’t long before she had her permit and was driving with members from her church. After the 60 day waiting period was over, she took her driver’s license test and passed. She was elated!

The next day, she drove her first car home (and around town with her daughter!). The next day on the way home from church, she smelled something burning and she pulled over. Sure enough there was a small fire near the engine that thankfully burned itself out. After two days in the shop it was determined that the engine had experienced a catastrophic failure. The car was totaled. Kimberly and Pastor Brett were devastated. In spite of the total loss of the car, Kimberly remained grateful to the Lord for providing it in the first place and for protecting them from injury.

Pastor Brett contacted the member in his church who donated the car. He told him what had happened, and that member was so impressed with Kimberly’s response to her loss, he donated $5,000 for us to buy a new car. Through his generosity, we were able to buy another late model, low mileage car within a couple of weeks. Now Kimberly is driving around Lynchburg with a smile on her face and gratitude in her heart for her trial by fire.