Jeff Chenault

Board of Directors - Member

Born in Lynchburg, VA and raised in Buckingham, VA, Jeff grew up just outside of a predominantly Buddhist community. Although a very rural area, Buckingham was a close-knit community, and everyone knew everyone, so Jeff’s friends were of many different races, cultures and religions, which he considers a blessing.

Music has been a part of Jeff’s life from an early age. His parents were gospel musicians and traveled on a bus with their band to different churches. Regrettably, his parents’ marriage dissolved as did their traveling band, so Jeff moved in with his grandmother, who gave Jeff an old suitcase record player and a box of old records that his mother had when she was younger. Jeff grew up on those records and he still has them to this day. Jeff would run around the house playing on a toy guitar or ruining the pots and pans by beating on them.        

Eventually, Jeff’s grandmother bought him his first guitar. This changed his life because learning the guitar taught him discipline as he practiced and studied every day for hours. Jeff eventually started playing in bands, to include his own traveling band. It wasn’t until he found himself in a time of deep distress and emotional pain that he remembered an encounter he had with a youth pastor at a Chinese restaurant a few weeks prior, and he sought out this pastor at his church, where he gave his life over to Jesus. 

Almost immediately after being saved Jeff felt a real need to serve with young people. He began as a servant, helping with sound, music, sermons – wherever there was a need, Jeff was there. His service eventually blossomed into a full-time youth music ministry that traveled the country testifying to God’s power and listening to young people’s stories. His music ministry also worked to bring their programs into local schools.

Once his music ministry ended, Jeff eventually landed at Mosaic Church in Lynchburg where he joined the worship team. That is also where he met Steve Weaver, the founder of No Walls Ministry, who became a mentor to him. Steve and No Walls befriended Jeff and walked with him through what he describes as “my darkest hours.” 

Jeff was asked to take over Talent & Testimony, a ministry under the No Walls banner. Every first Friday of the month, Jeff and his team sponsors Talent and Testimony at Mosaic Church to lift up young talent and give them a platform to display their gifts and share their testimonies of how God has affected their lives in a powerful way.   

Long before he was saved, Jeff was given a bible verse, Psalm 33:3, which says "Sing unto him a new song; play skillfully with a loud noise."  Jeff believes that God was preparing him long before he knew Him to recognize people with latent artistic talent and help them discover their gifts, or help those whose talents are known to further develop and refine them. Jeff’s ultimate mission is to encourage and lift up young and diverse artists to the Lord so they may praise Him for what He has done in their lives.

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