Our Story

What began as a Bible study of men from different cultural and denominational backgrounds grew into a non-profit ministry aimed at helping churches work cross-culturally and cross-denominationally to meet the needs of the community. 

This small group of men started meeting nine years ago out of a desire to incarnate the truth of the gospel - that Jesus Christ is himself our peace and has made us one and broken down in his flesh the dividing wall of hostility.” For far too long, the church had been divided by race, class, cultures and denominations. Great harm had been inflicted by this division both to those inside and outside the church. These men wanted more. They wanted to know and experience unity in the diverse Body of Christ.

With great grace and humility, these men moved courageously toward one another. They began to ask culturally important questions of themselves and one another. They learned how to listen to and listen for the stories of God’s redeeming grace in Christ Jesus. Slowly but surely, God began to knit their hearts together, such that when one experienced a cultural injury, the whole group felt it. When one grieved a loss, the group felt a shared sense of loss.

As the group continued to meet, they became aware of needs in the community. They sought to incarnate the gospel by meeting those needs. After a few years, however, the group realized they couldn’t do it alone. They needed help. They talked about their churches getting involved, and not just to bankroll these needs, but to also participate in the reconciling work of Christ. They wanted to see their churches unified around the gospel. To see them working together to break down the spiritual, relational, economic, and educational walls that divide cultures. 

In God’s providence, that’s exactly what happened. He brought their churches, which were culturally and denominationally different, together to form No Walls Ministry. They came together to understand and tear down the dividing walls of hostility that exist both with God and with one another. They came together to build bridges towards gospel unity and human flourishing.