Stephen C. Weaver Esq.


Stephen C. Weaver is a 2008 graduate of Liberty University School of Law and is licensed as an attorney in the Commonwealth of Virginia. In 2010, Steve founded the Center for Racial Unity, the forerunner non-profit organization to the No Walls Ministry, which specialized in teaching, training and developing outreach programs to address issues of race within the Church. In 2015, the name of the organization was officially changed to No Walls Ministry, Inc., carrying on the mission of helping churches work across cultural and denominational barriers so that they can meet the needs of the local community.  Steve was appointed the first president of No Walls Ministry.

Steve believes that by developing relationships across cultural boundaries and denominational barriers, friendships can develop that begin to dissolve the barriers.  If people are willing to work together, side by side within their own communities, those in need will get what they really need most which is the love of Christ.  

Steve and his lovely wife Donna have been married since 1984 and live in Lynchburg, Virginia.  Steve and Donna raised two children of their own and are proud grandparents.  They are familiar with the dynamics of working across different cultures, having opened their home as foster parents to two African American children and serving as the host family for two Korean/Indian high school students as well.

Steve developed and taught an Introduction to Race Relations course as an adjunct professor at Liberty University for two semesters and has been working with race related issues for most of his adult life.  Steve worked as a Diversity Manager at Food Lion Inc. LLC., heading up their Minority Vendor/Supplier Program.  Additionally, Steve worked as a corporate trainer at Food Lion where he taught classes on “Appreciating Diversity.”  While living in North Carolina, Steve was involved in the “Bridge Builders” program, which assembles black and white community leaders monthly to discuss issues of race.  He also developed a cross cultural program for church youth groups that brings black and white churches together for fellowship, worship and outreach.

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