Vision Statement

To see Lives restored and made new, through Christ!

Our vision is that all nations, tribes and peoples will be brought to complete UNITY

across cultural and denominational barriers.  Unity according to John 17:23, provides

evidence that Jesus was sent to earth by God and that God loves people as he loves

Jesus.  Unity is important to God, but has been corrupted by sin through racism.  As

Ambassadors for Christ, the Christian community has been called to defend society

against the invasion of racism.  The No Walls Ministry is committed to teaching,

training and leading the way in reversing and eradicating racism within the body of

Christ so that the body’s Unity reflects God’s love to the world.  


The No Walls Ministry envisions an injured and frightened world, scorched by the

sting of racism, being touched and soothed by the actions of the Christian Church in

the local community.  As Christians share the love of Christ with those who are

wounded by injustice, hate, and sin, they should see we really care about people; all

people not just “our own kind.”  Racism is a moral issue and the Christian Church

must stand on the side of morality.  Using education, outreach, research and policy

development we will lead the way in eliminating racial discrimination through

reconciliation with God and then between men and women across cultures and

across denominations.  We will train and equip missionary/leaders from local

churches to address the spiritual, economic, educational and cultural gaps that exist

between people groups so they can work effectively across cultural and

denominational lines to address the needs of local communities.  


Unity will be a reality when all nations, tribes, peoples and tongues, worship, pray,

work, play, live, love and laugh together harmoniously in society.


Unity will be a reality when people of all skin colors and ethnic backgrounds can

marry, have children and be socially active without people looking at them strange.  


Unity will be a reality when job applications and government forms no longer

require applicants to declare their race, because it is understood that all people are of

one race; the human race.


Unity will be a reality when there are no longer white neighborhoods and black

neighborhoods to live in, just neighborhoods. 


Unity will be a reality when there are no longer white churches, black churches,

Asian churches, Hispanic churches or any other ethnic churches to attend, just

Christian churches open to all, for the worship of God.


Unity will be a reality when people no longer rely on the government to meet

community needs, because churches are working together, to the glory of God.


Unity will be a reality when life is no longer more challenging for people with

darker skin color than it is for people with lighter skin color.


Unity will be a reality when the wage earned is reflective of the work ethic,

experience and education brought to the job site rather than related to the skin color

or ethnic background displayed.


Unity will be a reality when the education earned is based on the desire to be

educated and time invested, rather than on skin color or neighborhood affiliation.


Unity will be a reality when marriage and family are valued and desired; leading to

lifelong commitments within or across cultures.


Unity will be a reality when any house we live in and any neighborhood we choose

to live in is safe, decent, affordable and well maintained.


Unity will be a reality when people are arrested, tried and incarcerated in

accordance with the law rather than the color of their skin or ethnic background.


Unity will be a reality when people trust God with the issues of life rather than

expecting someone else to provide for their wants and needs.


Unity will be a reality when people stop denying they see color and start

appreciating the unique way in which God created all of us, in his image.


Unity will be a reality when all people of every color or ethnic background are seen

as equal by the law, by the government and by the people.


Unity can be a reality when the Christian Church through the local community will

believe the time for change is “now” and then act upon their belief.

Evidence that the mission is being fulfilling will be seen when we are:

  • Working cross culturally (Community)
  • Working cross denominationally (Community)
  • Meeting the needs of the local community (Community)
  • Strengthening marriages and families (Families)
  • Restoring families relationally (Families)
  • Stabilizing families financially (Families)
  • Treating all people with dignity (Community)
  • Submitting to the authority of God’s word (Families & Community)
  • Walking beside those having a difficult time (Community)
  • Loving as God has loved us (Community)

Strategic Plan:

2nd Saturday Picnic > Relationship Building

JOBS Training Program > Education and Mentoring

Talent & Testimony Night > Connecting with God

Community Work Teams > Meeting Community Needs

Community Prayer Hour > Connecting with God

Appliance Ministry > Meeting Community Needs

Street Team > Relationship Building

No Walls Blog > Education

Basketball Ministry > Relationship Building

Children’s Reading > Education and Relationships

Single Mom’s NOW > Relationship Building

Speaking Teams > Education